Top 5 tips by a fellow developer who attracted more than 10 offers directly from her GitHub profile! 😊

GitHub has been an extensive platform for code inspiration, developer communities, and open-source collaborations for more than a decade.

In layman’s language, one can say —

GitHub is of the developers…

Roadmap for learners to start with their Python journey this 2021.

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It is 2021 already, and still, we cannot stop hyping over Python as a programming language. …

0% bragging, 50% monetisation ideas, 50% motivation 🚀

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This story is not to brag about my side earnings, but to give ideas about how to monetise and brand your project that will benefit you in the long run!

How it Started?

It all started with a Twitter post going viral. Yes! A Tweet… 🌈

Sharing some of the hidden functionalities of the powerful IDE that I use daily at work — IntelliJ Idea

I recently delivered a KT (Knowledge Transfer) session at my workplace, speaking about some IntelliJ Idea tips n tricks that developers, testers, and everyone in the team can use! …

Analysing few key players of the year to decipher the difference!

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First things first, let’s understand the dictionary definition of the two terms..


Creativity is an abstract concept that can relatively be thought experiments within an individual’s mind interacting via one’s sense of perception, taste, smell, touch or sound. …

Read along to know my journey from minimal CSS knowledge to how picks up my #pureCSS pen! ❤️

But first let me answer you a few questions!

What motivated me to make CSS arts? 😲

I learnt Javascript a few months back and got to know about the platform This platform has amazing GUI with plenty of amazing artists making pens using different frameworks like CSS, SaSS, GSAP, SVGs, Flutter, React etc. I was…

Till date I had the experience of three interviews with varying scenarios that I aced and got the offer!

So let’s get started. Happy learning folks!

Hoping my experiences would definitely throw a light on your interview preparation during this placement season.

This article is for all high school & university students, setting their footsteps in the tech world but are caught up in lockdown, thinking what to do next.

Happy reading!!

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At the end of this article you will be:

  • aware of how to utilise your time effectively
  • familiar with a wide range of Do’s and Don’ts
  • and also, learn a bit…

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Do you feel overwhelmed or intimidated by just scrolling someone’s awesome, responsive portfolio website links and always wonder how to make one for yourself?

So, here is the key! Read till the end, along with a hands-on to make your own designer portfolio website under less than an hour!

A help guide for all the newbies who have a desire to explore GitHub and contribute to open source without knowing Git.

First of all, what is GitHub?

GitHub is basically a huge repository collection having a Web based graphical interface. For beginners, who are still confused what a repository means, you can think of it…

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